Christina McCafferty, RD, LDN

I am a Registered Dietitan Nutritionist from South Florida with over 5 years of nutrition counseling experience.

I started my nutrition career in the hospital setting so I could submerge myself in the clinical world and learn the most about nutrition management of acute and chronic diseases.

I have been able to care for patients throughout the entire lifecycle; from a pregnant mommy, newborns and adolescents, to the older adult population.

While I loved working in the clinical setting, I decided it was time to go outpatient because my main goal is to help clients in their home environment where they feel the most comfortable.

I am happily married and a mom to two beautiful young girls. My home environment has driven me to focus my career on family nutrition.

I feel as a parent, we want to provide our kids with the very best nutrition (when we can) and there is so much conflicting information online.

This is why I have created Whole Body Dietitian, LLC, a nutrition lifestyle company dedicated to providing families with the tools to empower their bodies and minds.

My mission is to re-shape the nutritional habits of the modern day family to optimize long-term health, improve client relationships with food, and reduce the likelihood of obesity and chronic diseases.

Good nutrition does not mean having to count calories, follow fad diet, and feel guilty about indulging. I believe you can have your cake and eat it too. Its about guilt-free enjoyment of all foods, while making small achievable changes that are able to be maintained long-term. My mission is simple; promote quality nutrition, empower you in making healthy food choices, simplify meal time, and to serve as your judgment free Dietitian.